Hitachi Magic Wand for Women’s masturbation education

Hitachi Magic Wand has found great commercial success as a vibrator, a masturbation aid for women. Its popularity for this purpose is associated with the American artist as well as sex educator Betty Dodson, who used it in demonstrations and instructional classes to instruct females regarding self-pleasure techniques. Dodson became active in sex-positive movement in the late 1960s. She recommended women put a small towel over their sex organs to dull the sensation of the vibrator and prolong the pleasurable experience. The technique became known as the Betty Dodson Method. Her sessions were known as Bodysex workshops and featured fifteen naked women in supine position, each using a Magic Wand simultaneously to aid in masturbation. She gave a Magic Wand to each woman for these two-hour masturbation sessions. Dodson taught thousands of women to get orgasm using this technique.

Design and features of Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand is 30 cm (12 in) long and it weighs 540 g (1.19 lb). Muscle as well as nerve stimulation is provided by the device’s rubberised, 6.4 cm (2.5 in) head yjay is attached to the main body of the massager via a flexible neck. A 1.8 m (6 ft) cord is attached to the device to provide power from mains electricity with alternating current and requires 110 Volts. Hitachi Magic Wand does not take batteries. The massager provides two vibration rates—5,000 and 6,000 rpm that are equivalent to 83 Hz and 100 Hz—that are controlled by a switch on its body. Specifically, research published in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy determined that Magic Wand operated on its low setting at a frequency of 89 Hz and at 101 Hz on its high setting. Its displacement was measured as 452.9 µm (0.01783 in) with an acceleration of 185.7 µg (0.002866 gr). Because the device was not originally designed as a vibrator, it exhibits some deficiencies once used for this purpose. Apart from its size, bulk as well as its reliance on a mains power supply that limits its portability, it is not waterproof or water-resistant and it overheats once used for more than 25 minutes. Hitachi Magic Wand does not work well in electrical outlets in all countries internationally.

Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand is electrical, mains-powered vibrating massager, manufactured for relieving tension and relaxing sore muscles. Japanese company Hitachi listed this device for business in the United States in 1968. Sex educator Betty Dodson popularized its use as a vibrator as wel as masturbation aid for women during the sex-positive movement in the late 1960s. It functions effectively as a clitoral vibrator and can bring women to orgasm. Hitachi Magic Wand is 12 inches (30 cm) long and weighs 1.2 pounds (540 g) with stimulation provided by its rubberized 2.5 inches (64 mm) head.

Rabbit vibrator Use and pleasure

Rabbit vibrators are designed for simultaneous internal (vaginal) as well as external (clitoral) stimulation. The rabbit-shaped stimulator is held near the clitoris once the shaft is taken into the vagina, offering deep, “all around” stimulation. Most models offer a choice of shaft rotation speeds as well as patterns of clitoral stimulation.

While using a rabbit vibrator, users can benefit from using additional lubrication because jelly can absorb the body’s natural lubrication and both jelly and silicone create friction against skin. Lack of moisture can cause irritation, discomfort or pain.

Materials of Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are generally made out of a jelly-like substance (polyvinyl chloride), silicone (semi-organic polymer), rubber (elastic hydrocarbon polymer) or latex (natural rubber) materials. Silicone vibrators are easier to clean as well as care for, since this material is not porous, therefore no bacteria or foreign matter is absorbed by the toy. Silicone retains heat and owns no odor. Jelly material is porous and may not be sterilized in boiling water and has a scent of rubber that some find unappealing. To escape this smell, some producers aromatise the products with more pleasurable scents. Rabbit vibrators made from vinyl, plastic, metal as well as elastomer materials can be also found. They are much less porous than jelly or entirely non-porous, but the texture is smooth and firm.

Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrator (also known as Jack Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator) is a vibrating and rotating sex toy, usually made in the shape of a phallus with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft. The rabbit vibrator has evolved to reach a wider market, with many new introductions that do not take a phallic shape. The name of this sex toy is derived from the fact that the clitoral stimulator looks like a pair of rabbit ears.

In the history of sex toys, rabbit vibrators appeared relatively recently, since 1990s, in response to the growing female demand for more pleasurable sex toys; their popularity was boosted in the United States after an episode of HBO’s Sex and the City (“The Turtle and the Hare”) featured Vibratex’s Rabbit Pearl, making it a bestseller. Rabbit vibrators are designed to provide more intense sensations than the more traditional dildo or clitoral stimulator with providing simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The device may be used for solo pleasure or as part of partner sex. The “Original Jack Rabbit” was designed as well as manufactured by California Exotic Novelties.

Male G-Spot vibrators

The male G-Spot vibrator is a specially curved device with a round head that is inserted into the anal canal of a male and stimulates the prostate gland that is also called the male G-Spot; this produces a host of different and intense sexual sensations. Prostate massage is used for health purposes too, as recommended by a health professional.

Male G-Spot has been used in tantric sex for centuries. Oriental culture has consistently used this practice during massage over the ages. Male G-Spot massage is becoming very popular, not just for its health benefits to the prostate gland, but also for the often intense sexual pleasure. Male G-Spot vibrators are specially shaped to fit snugly into the rectum, vibrating the anal canal, perineum and prostate gland to ‘milk’ the prostate, removing most of the fluid inside this important gland. The male G-Spot vibrators normally come without vibrating function, but this is an added extra in some models for extra sexual pleasure.

Female G-Spot vibrator

The female type is of phallus-like shape as well as especially designed for stimulating the G-Spot. It first appeared as a response to complaints that vaginal penetration alone, provided by penis or otherwise, was generally not enough for women to reach orgasm. Women usually need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm and stimulating the G-Spot area through sexual penetration, especially in the missionary position, is difficult to achieve as the special angle at which penetration must occur. The curved structure of the G-Spot vibrator attempts to make stimulating G-Spot area possible without awkward body positioning.

The level of vaginal penetration once using a G-Spot vibrator depends on the woman because women’s physiology is not always the same. The effects of G-Spot stimulation once using the penis or a G-Spot vibrator may be enhanced with additionally stimulating other erogenous zones on a woman’s body, such as the clitoris or vulva as a whole. When using a G-Spot vibrator. It may be done by manually stimulating the clitoris, using the vibrator as a clitoral vibrator in addition to a G-Spot vibrator, or, if the vibrator is designed for it, with applying it so that it stimulates the head of the clitoris, rest of the vulva and the vagina simultaneously.

Almost all female G-Spot vibrators feature the phallus shape as well as have a specially curved end for reaching the anterior (front-most) area of the vagina. But there may be also a group of special or exotic G-Spot vibrators intended for G-Spot stimulation featuring novelty shapes. Generally, G-Spot vibrators own a head slightly larger than the glans penis, and are 1-1.5 in (2–3 cm) wide and 5-7 in (12.5-17.5 cm) long.

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